Picking an Online

Tool to Book Gigs

Stop me if this sounds familiar…

You want gigs, but don’t want to waste time.

So you sign up for SonicBids.

They promise more gigs and industry exposure.

Sounds good enough right?

You apply for a few gigs and anxiously await the venue’s response.


Crickets. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

No gigs, just wasted time and money.

You might’ve tried services like SonicBids that promise gigs and been disappointed.

I’ve spent the time and money and I’ve felt exactly the same way you did.

That’s why I created GigFaster.

As former users of SonicBids we thought it would be a good idea to explain how GigFaster is better.

What is GigFaster?

GigFaster is a system that works for you. It is an intentional approach to getting gigs. You map out where you want to play and create GigCampaigns to get the gigs.

It's a simple 3-step approach...

  • Get venue contact information
  • Create a GigCampaign
  • Land Gig/Negotiate your fee

GigFaster also works for press promotion. Basically, any type of “gig” you want you can create a GigCampaign to make contact.

How does GigFaster differ from SonicBids?

SonicBids lists gigs that promoters have submitted to have filled. Each paid musician account can apply for these gigs.

On their homepage, SonicBids proudly brags they have 450,000 bands using their services.

That’s actually a bad thing. That means you’re competing with 450,000 people for the same gig.

Plus some gigs require that you pay an ADDITIONAL application fee.


Some things to note:

  • Thousands will be applying for the same gig
  • Only 4 bands will get the gig
  • Your pay will be at most $10 (probably less)
  • You probably won’t get the gig (you have better luck playing the lottery and winning)

This is a typical listing. Most musicians have had the same experience we have had: no SonicBids gigs.

GigFaster Method: Gigs without Contests

We created GigFaster so that you can intentionally make progress as an artist. It is a tool that allows you to control what clubs you target.

With GigFaster, you’re not competing with other bands. You are charting out your own course and deciding what venues you want to play at.

Winning Lottery vs Investing Wisely

Instead of buying 10 lottery tickets (submitting 10 applications) on SonicBids for gigs you will not get, you create GigCampaigns for venues in the areas that you want to tour.

I paid for a SonicBids membership 3 times in the past. Call me a slow learner. I never got one gig. Frustrated with no results, I created GigFaster which combines my years of experience in email marketing and booking my band. One of the first shows I was able to land was an opening slot with Kenny Wayne Shepherd in front of a few thousand people.

– Craig (founder of GigFaster)


What do I have to do?

In SonicBids you can submit an application with little effort. The majority of your time is going to be setting up your electronic press kit (EPK). Once that is finished you can submit applications easily. In this case, however, the little effort is still a waste of time. No gigs.

With GigFaster you will also have some hands on upfront work. But instead of concentrating on an EPK, your focus will be on gathering venue information for where you want to play.

Using that information you create a GigCampaign to get the ball rolling. It takes maybe 10 minutes and you have a full 4 week targeted email campaign set in motion to land your gig.

The most successful GigFaster customers know that it takes time and effort to get results and their patience pays off every single month when they book new gigs.

Closing thoughts

SonicBids allows paid accounts to submit applications for shows that have very limited opening slots and little or no pay. The chances of getting gigs is very low.

GigFaster uses modern email marketing methods to keep you on top of mind for promoters, booking agents and clubs. You create customized GigCampaigns to land gigs and get press. Your time is invested gathering the venue/contact information. GigFaster will monitor your GigCampaign and let you know if the venue has read your email or replied.

Once contact is made we pass the torch to you toland the gig and negotiate your fee. You can create unlimited GigCampaigns to get  as many gigs as you want and promote your band.

Request Invite to GigFaster

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